We amalgamate education and fun to unlock every student’s potential.

Everyone deserves a good education

We all experience it in different ways. Our mission is to cater to every student’s unique needs while bringing an excitement of learning to the world. With our customized educational sessions, we believe everyone can succeed to fulfil their desired goals with flying colours. Whether it’s looking for a new hobby, to ace the next test, or an extra push, we’ve got you covered.

Personalized matching and learning

Every student is different and has different needs. Every instructor has a different set of skills and experiences. Each student-tutor pairing is unique. Rather than attempting to standardize our instruction, at GOZO Tutoring, we seek to celebrate the distinct skillsets of each member in our community. We grow to understand every student’s individual learning style.

Continuous feedback and assessment

We make sure all tutors provide timely feedback to keep parents on top of their kids’ learning progress. We offer detailed monthly progress reports, on top of session by session feedback and a student profile that keeps track of learning over time. We want to help you or your child improve and celebrate every success, small or large.